Emtek Hardware

Since 1981, Emtek has brought fine quality hardware into American homes. From door and cabinet hardware to door locks, knobs, levers, entry sets, bath hardware, door accessories and multi-point locks, Emtek offers products that provide both superior performance and compelling design.

Emtek’s materials, finishes and styles range from contemporary to rustic, and the company can also provide highly customized products.

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Functional and Stylistic Modern Day Hardware

Emtek hardware provides that authentic finishing touch to any style door.

Innovative American Products

Hardware: Designs range from Traditional to Contemporary, Arts & Crafts to Tuscany and all are made to accentuate the distinctive style of any home.

Unique Materials: Hardware choices include Solid Brass, Stainless Steel, Sand Cast Bronze, Lost Wax Cast Bronze, Wrought Steel, Crystal and Porcelain.

Quality Finishes: Emtek offers a variety of high quality finishes that are resistant to weather and handling and can match any style of home.

American Beauty

Emtek’s creatively designed products are American-made, offering durable construction and classic beauty.

Specialty Handmade Hardware

Consumer satisfaction stands at the heart of all Emtek products, and as such, the company provides a stunning, durable range of hardware to act as the perfect accessory to any door. Over the years, Emtek has acquired a reputation for reliability and integrity of design that carries through in every aspect of their hardware.