Good’s Millwork

Based in Versailles, Missouri, Good’s Millwork provides intricate, high quality customized woodwork for numerous applications. From mouldings, turnings, machining, doors and glass to an endless supply of wood components, Good’s is an excellent choice for those looking for top of the line materials at reasonable prices.

Good’s solid wood mouldings and doors have enhanced numerous homes and business while providing the unique and personal touch of a custom, one-of-a-kind design.

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Custom Doors and Mouldings

Intricate and detailed woodwork that encompasses all needs, from modern to antique.


Radius and Straight Mouldings:  Good’s Millwork creates moulding that can be applied to any shape and size, such as radius windows or curved walls, from practically every type of wood. Jobsite templates and precise measurements help ensure their mouldings are an exact fit.

Doors: Using the highest quality wood, such as ash, birch, poplar, walnut and white oak, Good’s Millwork doors are crafted by hand to create, not just a door, but a landmark to help accentuate the beauty of natural wood in their custom products.

Wood Components: Good’s customizes their own wood components on site to help enhance any project, including Edge Glued Panels, Squares for Turnings, Moulder Blanks
and Cabinet Doors.

Fine Quality at a Reasonable Value

All Good’s products are created with top quality material and customized to meet the consumer’s needs.

High Quality Craftsmanship

Good’s mouldings for stairs, ceilings and baseboards, as well as custom made turnings are all handcrafted and can be modified to the consumer’s specifications. By accentuating the beauty of natural wood in their products, Good’s is committed to upholding the finest quality and best workmanship available.