Masonite Doors

For 80 years, Masonite has remained one of the world’s leading manufacturers of interior doors and entry door systems. In addition to the their innovation and manufacturing excellence, Masonite products are a favorite of builders, remodelers, architects and homeowners.

Featuring a hearty variety of wood panel, French, molded panel, wood louver, pocket, closet and bi-fold doors, Masonite continues to create new and innovative products that will make any home more beautiful, more valuable and more enjoyable.

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Custom Built Doors for All Household Needs

Beautiful custom doors designed and constructed with a commitment to excellence.

New Unique Products

  • SDL (Simulated Divided Lite) Kit: The SDL Kit gives consumers the ability to create a new look for a Masonite clear or textured glass door. Pieces snap into place to form the grid configuration and align perfectly with Masonite lite frames.
  • Chord Glass: A stylized textured glass that gives every home a better view, by bringing natural light indoors without sacrificing privacy and protection. The organic linear styled glass obscures the view while allowing natural light to flow into the home.
  • Pear Glass: A classic modeled textured glass, assuring privacy while bringing the ambiance of natural light indoors. Made of Energy efficient triple pane glass, its continuous textured pattern provides an understated, elegant look.

Durability and Performance

All materials used in Masonite’s products, such as wood, fiberglass, steel or composite, are engineered for lasting durability and reliable performance. This performance translates into extra security, extra longevity and extra homeowner satisfaction.

Long Lasting Quality

Masonite’s finely crafted products are designed and constructed with a lasting durability and reliable performance to add beauty to any home. Masonite meets exact standards for energy efficiency and durability, in addition to easy installation and maintenance. All Masonite products meet specific applications and are energy efficient and cost effective.