Milgard Windows and Patio Doors

A vertically integrated window and patio door manufacturer, Milgard’s vinyl doors and windows have won Builder magazine’s Best Quality in the Nation Award six out of the last 10 years and their National Most Used Vinyl Window Award four times. Their commitment to innovation, reliable performance and exceptional design has made them among the top choice for windows and patio doors.

All Milgard products are made and crafted by Milgard. They make their own insulated glass units, produce their own vinyl components, temper their own glass and make their own fiberglass frames. All Milgard products also come with a Full Lifetime Warranty.

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Fifty Years of Innovation in Window and Door Manufacturing

Known for going above and beyond the industry standards, Milgard offers custom built products with no upcharge. If you can imagine it, Milgard can most likely create it. 

Excellence and Superior Performance

For over 50 years, Milgard has been bringing quality, ease of use, durability, energy efficiency and value to their customers.

The Vertically Integrated Windows Manufacturer

To ensure top quality from start to finish, Milgard begins by precisely controlling their vinyl compound formulation to withstand harsh climate conditions. They extrude their own frame material, and fabricate all vinyl windows and doors to order, giving them the tightest control over quality. Their fiberglass windows and doors receive the same level of attention. Almost all their frame materials are manufactured internally to provide the highest level of consistence and quality.